Elementary II

By the time the student reaches elementary school II, he or she already has greater independence and is ready to take longer flights, deepen and abstract thinking, build an identity, and become more aware of his or her choices.

Classes are taught by specialized teachers (science, geography, history, English, mathematics, Portuguese), just as sports, art, music, theater and technology are taught by specialists who work in an interdisciplinary way to contextualize and give integrated meaning to what is learned. Thus, the subjects and themes allow research and application to develop both cognition and metacognition, that is, the knowledge of how to acquire knowledge.

For students in the elementary school II, which corresponds to the 6th to 9th grade, the interdisciplinary learning time in English is 40%.
Identity construction
Strengthening identity construction in adolescence and group reflection, by age and gender, to resolve doubts, reflect on choices and on the consequences of acts at this stage of life.