High School

The FourC student's foundation for high school study is the ability to find solutions and develop their autonomy. The solid cultural, scientific, and linguistic foundation of the disciplines is sought. It is about expanding thinking and understanding of the world and preparing for college attendance.

However, preparing for the entrance exam is about preparing individuals to make choices that go beyond the curriculum and lead to understanding, awareness, and commitment to this important stage of life. Therefore, FourC Bilingual Academy encourages young people to get to know themselves, embrace their individuality, actions, and dreams, and furthermore, prepare for a healthy and quality life of personal achievement. In this cycle, the student earns the national certificate for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade.

For high school students, equivalent to 1st-3rd grade, interdisciplinary learning time in English is 20% to 30%.
Discussions of occupations, careers, and current economic, political, and sociocultural issues to envision possibilities and pathways for adult life.
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