Educate interested and capable citizens who will learn and teach each other forever. This is the ideal of FourC Bilingual Academy, which opens its doors every day to welcome hundreds of students.

To make this goal a reality, we need the support and commitment of people. People who share our dreams and who also want to make a difference in the lives of the young people who have chosen FourC as their school. These professionals make the difference at FourC and you can be one of them. Join our team.

How do you prepare for a challenging, intentional, integrated, and dynamic world?

By recognizing that the learning process is as important as the end result. The better the process, the better the outcome. The school must provide students with many opportunities to think, ask questions, make mistakes, and create, both individually and in groups, and support them in doing so. The teacher facilitates, plans, encourages student autonomy, and expands classroom resources.

Cognitive skills

In addition to cognitive or academic skills that relate to understanding, applying, and acquiring knowledge, it is important to develop and strengthen other important life skills.

Executive skills

Executive skills related to prioritizing activities to be performed; organization; taking initiative; planning; working memory; sustained attention to an outcome; flexibility.

Attitudinal skills

Attitudinal skills related to relating to others; to personal effort; to making good decisions; and to finding meaning in your life and making your environment a better place for you and others.

Metacognitive skills

Metacognitive skills related to self-awareness, understanding and perception of the situation, ability to self-observe, reflect on one's actions, and willingness to work to continually improve oneself.
"To train interested and capable citizens to learn and teach others forever". This is the mission of FourC, a school that chooses this sense of transforming education and bases its educational work on 4 foundations: critical thinking, collaboration, culture and citizenship.

All fields are required

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