American High School

In partnership with the College of Missouri, an American public college founded in 1839 in Columbia, Missouri, FourC offers the high school option where 100% of the instruction is in English.

When you complete this program at FourC, you will earn two certificates related to your time of study: a Brazilian National High School Certificate and a High School International Diploma awarded through the College of Missouri. To deepen your knowledge, exclusive high school subjects are taught by native English-speaking teachers.

Mizzou courses
Language Arts
Speech and Debate
Social Studies
Personal Development
Comp & Lit 1A/B
Speech 1
U.S. History A/B
Comp & Lit 2A
Speech 2
Study Hall
Comp & Lit Survey
Marketing for the 21st century
For high school students equivalent to 1st through 3rd grade, interdisciplinary learning time in English is 100%
Through all-day communication, students are able to develop thinking organization skills to speak, argue, debate, reason, and defend their ideas in front of an audience in English.
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